The pool incident

Premier Inn – DSO, Dubai.  We went up for a dip in the pool. The sides were filled with good looking caucasian women in bright dainty bikinis.. some tribal prints.. some crocheted.. basking in the sun, wearing shades and rubbing sunblock on their flawlessly smooth skin, either happily displaying their fronts or backs.  Next to … More The pool incident

Dubai for me

Clean roads beautifully laid never to be dug up again for faulty electrical cables or new fiber optic lines, excellent public transport system that keeps time and actually adheres to road rules as against being a bunch of vehicles run by narcisstic mcps who cant get it off elsewhere, relaxed people walking around minding their … More Dubai for me

Mandala drawing

I started a new project – hand painted kurtas.. had a few successes and a few set backs. But when it started to pick up pace I was bursting with ideas. I couldnt get up from my gym ball ( which happens to be my chair).  There were a few other things that were working … More Mandala drawing