Gita, and Krishna

Dear Shri Krishna, Thankyou is a very limited word in the English language for what I feel for all that You have given me. The situation you have put me in to be exploring your divine verses in the Gita, is the only reason why I am here today, saying this to you. Anugraham. You … More Gita, and Krishna

Dubai for me

Clean roads beautifully laid never to be dug up again for faulty electrical cables or new fiber optic lines, excellent public transport system that keeps time and actually adheres to road rules as against being a bunch of vehicles run by narcisstic mcps who cant get it off elsewhere, relaxed people walking around minding their … More Dubai for me

Navarathri approaches. A nightmare for us green warriors!

Surge of plastic. Bowls. Boxes. Satchets. Ziplocks. Carry bags.  In school, we were all taught consumerism. Was it just for the coming economics exam?  Acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts is consumerism. Our minds and bodies seem to accelerate during october-november owing to navarathri and deepavali. Can we all pull the reins for … More Navarathri approaches. A nightmare for us green warriors!