A normal day in the Rajgopaul household…

Just another day at our house…

Sarang: When you look at the Sun directly, your eyes see blue colour. Why is that?

Kedar: Duh! Same reason why the sky is blue!

Me: No, the sky doesn’t actually have a colour, it is reflection of water.

Father and first son scream their guts out, blowing on my face, my fringes go flying!

Kedar: It is because the blue particles in the seven colours of light are the most scattered!

Me: Why only blue? Why aren’t the other colours scattered?

Sarang: Ah! That’s the one time that Kedar actually doesn’t know something!!!

Kedar: No! I don’t know a lot of things… for example, I don’t know how to say ‘shut up’ in Sanskrit.



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