Redefining beauty

I have been seeing around dubai recently, and I thought I will put down my words here as it deserved a hearing.
I know that I like to be fiercely protective of the environment and anxiously careful with the footprints I leave behind.

Having said that I also have to admit that all my principles found better expression in chennai where I was nestled amidst the shadows of theosophical society and blessings of kalakshetra, under the able guidance of some of the greatest veterans of simple living and art appreciation. 
Perhaps it was a calling. Perhaps nature meant to teach me that I was growing to be stringent and rigid and that I had to open up my mind. And most importantly, that things are not always under my control. 
I waddled out of my comfort zone when I stepped into Dubai – a land of excesses, a place where dreams are fulfilled, a place that is a relief from the shackles of its neighbours that are more minimalistic by nature. (Funnily enough, we think minimalism and organic lifestyles are stereotypes of the third world).
When I saw the beautiful skyline of Chicago that Sriram had posted on this group, I reacted almost violently as I couldn’t believe what I saw- a city that never sleeps, a city that wears human beings (!) alone, as its accommodation of something natural.
Now, as Dubai grows on me, I realise that this city wakes up only after the unforgiving sun goes down the horizon. Until then people are so busy working their hind-sides looking forward to that twilight, to be able to afford what is to come. Once the sun goes down, the lights come on and then it shames that stars that look down upon us! 
The smallest festivity in Dubai begins or ends with ‘Chinese fireworks’. One of the sensible things that our govt has done by banning them in India. It causes toxic pollution in the air – but when you stand witness to even one such, it is impossible for your jaw not to drop. They are always accompanied by music that makes you bounce on your toes. The dance of sparkling colours on the dark canvas, with the skyline bordering it above the shining but calm creek waters, I have to say it is beauty for the want of a better word.
The Burj Khalifa stands slender and majestic amidst the hustle and bustle of all other midgets trying to impress you with their odd shapes and lights if not height – each one looks like a Horward Roark! And then there is the dancing water fountain in front of the Khalifa! Spectacle!! Every single night the place is swarming with people to watch this- only because it is so larger than life! Arabic music engulfs the area as the show starts, the fountains dance in mirth with a splash of colours in absolute rhythm. It is just as romantic as Patrick Shwayze in Dirty Dancing! The suave with which it is conceived, customised and composed makes me want to watch it every single day! The largest water projection show in the world happened at the Festival city last night. It was almost unbelievable! We saw movie bits shot both live and graphic on water. We saw the windows of a building sway to the music changing colours and shapes all at the same time.
So I have to say this- I am sorry I reacted that way Sriram, it is only when u witness something so larger-than-life with your own eyes, that you know the entirety of it. And I have to admit that dubai is beautiful, although it is a different kind of beauty. 
This doesn’t mean I don’t stand ground on nature conservation. I still continue to do my bit, but I don’t shun this part of the made up, polluting, plastic world that we have created for ourselves either.​


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