My first random pookolam

… I was at the park and the boys were playing… I decided to stroll along the walking path. There was one patch of garden by the side of the path that had golden flowers fallen like a carpet. The green grass on that patch seemed a lot more happier than in any other patch. So I decided to engage with nature. 
I felt like I was an 8-year-old, in 36/1 vonikoppal, mysore all over again. That beautiful garden patch we had outside of our house was where my love for nature began. Those colourful rose shrubs, tall coconut trees, messy banana patch, the crotons… and to add beauty to it used to be my mum’s sparkling white kolam – perfect in symmetry under the shadow of the good ol’ neem tree in front of the Thulasi maadam.
… I started randomly, with the circles. As it grew in size it evolved into this owl; and am happy to say that four kids including mine joined in to help me finish it up. It was one of those unforgettable experiences. Two hours flew by and it felt like a blink. 



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