Muthuswami Dikshitar’s line art

Dubai has finally happened.

God worked his ways and got me my first assignment.

Guruvandanam is happening, a tribute to the greatest, cleverest musician that walked the earth (in my opinion)- Muthuswami Dikshitar.

His compositions always stand out from his contemporary peers’ works. For me learning his compositions was always a booster. Everytime I thought I perfected one Kriti of his I felt I had outdone myself. They felt like a definite growth path.

Hamsa is a friend of mine and as I truly believe was natures conspiracy, I met her at a Samskrita Bharati meeting. She saw my works on Facebook and decided to let me try working on the poster for Themis upcoming event.

I am so excited to share the snippets of my work for the poster. Although I am taking my sister – Ramya Chandran’s help with putting them together in the most appealing manner on the Adobe Photoshop, I am truly excited.

Here are the bits and pieces.


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