It was Maha shivarathri last night. 

Staying up long at night is one of those things I find very hard to do in silence. I need some company and music or conversation to do it. Back at home, I used to attend the Isha convention and the experience would be amazing.

Here, I am alone (in Dubai), cold ; and fasting, all day doesn’t really help. 

In an attempt to try keeping warm and awake, I found myself doodling, snuggled in bed under a quilt, with my pencil, on my sanskrit homework notebook after I had just finished the day’s work. 

Sleepy and tired, my fingers were slipping from the grip that my pencil was desperately aching for. Finally, I gave up, took a pic and posted this on Facebook with a rather dull status message. 

The next morning when I awoke, I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment by a very dear friend of mine – Sujatha Shankar. I would like to share and record this here, as this is something that will remain with me in my heart forever.

“This reminds me of Arunachala! Don’t u see it? The flame at the top of the hill and the temple bells underneath it! This doodle, to me, represents the maze of maya that is in fact our life. Looking within, one can finally find the arrow in the centre that directs the heart of the faithful in the right direction, to the Supreme One glowing above us all!

The more I look at it, the more I see. The shape under the temple bell line reminds one of Lord Shiva’s jata mudi when he is sitting in yogic posture! This is truly amazing Ranjani! You have put down on paper what is in your heart and that too on mahashivarathri! God bless you!”

When I was doodling I did want flame on top and I don’t know why, but I also hadn’t logically thought of anything else. They were just geometrical lines that I was doodling. For this dear friend of mine to have read it so deep, teared me up. I am blessed to have you – Sujatha,  as a friend, philosopher and guide🙏🏻



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