The pool incident

Premier Inn – DSO, Dubai. 
We went up for a dip in the pool. The sides were filled with good looking caucasian women in bright dainty bikinis.. some tribal prints.. some crocheted.. basking in the sun, wearing shades and rubbing sunblock on their flawlessly smooth skin, either happily displaying their fronts or backs. 
Next to them were fully dressed good looking caucasian men.. linen shirts, shorts and expensive shoes, smoking with suave. 
On the other side was this quiet family – husband wife and a baby. They were all inside the baby pool with this plump little cherub happily floating and splashing water. The lady was in perfect shape even after having a baby. Her shades matching not only her strapless bikini, but even her husbands swimming shorts. 
All was well as I apologetically walked amidst these urban people in my prudish swimsuit (which was the burkha of swim suits) that covered my torso fully, exposing my unwanted curves. After a quick shower I slid in the pool. Feeling much better with the comfort of water camouflaging the imperfections of my brown scarred skin and my utterly out of shape figure. 
The water temperature was controlled and warm- almost heavenly. After a few laps I took a break and decided to take a breath in a corner. I looked up to see some shocking public behaviour. That lady just pulled down her bra and started feeding the baby in public – not even a towel to cover herself. What? I am not a prude- I told myself, she has the right, a mother of a child, after all! Where were my feminist instincts now? Besides the men had left too, I convinced myself. Nothing to worry about. It was only my boys and they hadn’t noticed yet. I tried to wait to watch out if my boys would spot this anomaly, but they didn’t.
I dunked in my ‘blues’ as was the water and my state of mind. A few more laps left me out of breath again. As I looked up I saw the most shocking thing. It was right there staring in my face, lying bare and exposed hanging outside of her strapless bra on one side. The baby had slept next to her on the bed. Panic!
The lady’s husband was also right there and had absolutely no problems with it. 
I quickly looked at where my kids were desperately praying that they dont notice and get educated about female human anatomy so soon in life . 9 and 7 are, after all, formative and impressionable ages. They were poised and calm – one was happily basking in the sun, shamelessly trying to imitate the other girls around, with style I must say. His eyes were tightly shut but he was very much awake and completely aware of his body image. He was the youngest man around after all! The other had just come out of the pool after his lap, as usual, looking up in the air and dreaming about the world beyond! If my kids see anything out of the ordinary, they are always loud and opinionated about it. Any comment or question was going leave me in a shameful mushy embarrasing mess. I prayed and pleaded – please let these painfully slow moments pass in a whiff…
Was she so proud or was she completely shameless? Hasnt her mother taught her any manners? – were my first thoughts. Prudish. Sexist. Ridiculous. I have to admit!
Should I rush out of the pool with the boys? Asking them to keep away from that direction will only make them more inquisitive, obviously. As I writhed in the pain of helplessness within myself. I dunked my head again, pleading to Poseiden for rescue and looked up again – thankfully her hands reached up there and pulled up the cup of her bra. Relief. I breathed.
I silently looked at my boys for any weird reactions. I couldn’t spot any. I gave them the next half an hour to talk to me about anything and everything that was going on in their minds. I even kindled a conversation about my anciently designed swimsuit – but there wasn’t any. 
Relief! What a narrow escape that was!!


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