Dubai for me

Clean roads beautifully laid never to be dug up again for faulty electrical cables or new fiber optic lines, excellent public transport system that keeps time and actually adheres to road rules as against being a bunch of vehicles run by narcisstic mcps who cant get it off elsewhere, relaxed people walking around minding their own business who cant be bothered about how I am the only one with a parka, in the entire city as I cannot take the artificial chill in all public places!

For the first time in many years I am in a city where I look down to find trees, far and few, in the comfort of a conditioned environment. It is different from looking up at them with my eyes squeezed shut, having the sun weigh down on me, desperately finding that shady spot between the light and shade contrast created by rythemic lines of their layered leaves! 

These midget trees superbly manicured by careful landscape artists can hardly compete with buildings striving to reach the skies. Does man ever have enough? 

Well, I know I have it all – all tangible things, but I lack learnings from experiences – experiences of living in places of less abundance. India has spoilt me! Now, I know it!

The question of organic doesnt really exist here! Anodised is a concept people dont understand- let alone iron woks and skillets! Junk doesnt mean fresh salty thin and crisp potato chips sprinkled with red chilly powder and a dash of hing. It means some incomprehensible versions of Lays chips.

‘Bring your own bag’ is an alien concept which I alone am identified with by the local store owned by a malayalee. He looks at me and sheepishly says – ‘no plastic lady’! I wonder if he laughs at me behind my back, but do I really care!?!

I am excited by the fact that a city could be so well organised and so well kept despite its large population!

 I cant wait to start off in a large house overlooking a quiet garden away from all the consumerist madness, making it my home.

 I cant wait for my children to start off in a school that would build their appetite for knowledge and questioning rather than churn out robotic machines that calculate faster than a computer. I am glad my children wont be socialising with peers whose parents are constantly working on winding the keys behind their childrens’ backs to write neater, faster and score better numbers, along side the ‘x’ number of extra curricular activities that they are enrolled into, all claiming that their children enjoy it! Really?

Here I am taking a huge leap of faith after ten years. I pray for my childrens wellness and I pray for them to grow up with empathy and social responsibility! 


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