Mandala drawing

I started a new project – hand painted kurtas.. had a few successes and a few set backs. But when it started to pick up pace I was bursting with ideas. I couldnt get up from my gym ball ( which happens to be my chair). 

There were a few other things that were working in the periphery of this project. Pain from a few very-badly-infected boils on my inner thigh not allowing me to sit, single parenting my children as Deepak was away on a long term basis, chinnu my new child in the family (a rescue kitten) and to top it all, a period during navarathri…

I grabbed a piece of chart paper left over from some school project or other and rummaged in my messy pen box for the right guy!

The moment I began, there was no looking back. No thirst. No hunger. Wait a minute- I think I must have been breathing!😂


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