My cat, my teacher

He came to us all by himself.. out of the blue.. clung on to sarang for dear life, never to let go.. he wanted the warmth of an older loved one..  he was cold and hungry rambling on a busy street trying to snuggle up under the chair of the watchman in kalakshetra… he was a few weeks old.. estranged from the mother for more than a day… 

Our hearts melted. We did not hesitate to pick him up and find him an ideal home. We drove on the busy streets of besant nagar on a sunday trying to find him some shelter and food. 

He ended up in our balcony, got to eat some choisy meat jellys, visit Dr Cat and be under the able guidance of Dr Afzal. From the size of sarangs palms he grew into a chubby cherub more than double the size.

Three weeks + now and it is time to let go.  I found him a home. A friend of mine who is a very spiritual person who oozes positivity. Her house is a haven for a lot of such cats and dogs. I am so thankful for her benevolence to take him under her protection. 

He is indeed lucky and I will pray for him.

Today is the day he goes away. He is clingy, well behaved, all the boisterousness has suddenly disappeared. He didnt even eat well. He Finds the slightest opportunity to snuggle up into my arms or legs for that last bit of sleep. 

How does he know I wonder. Is it me? Am I revealing my stress of seperation so blatantly? Or is he being intuitive, more than any human being can?

His stinky food, his stinky litterbox, new bleeding bite marks everyday, biting my laptop wires and stretching his neck out to read what is on my screen to see if I have edited the paragraph properly(!!), constantly out doing my speed of swirling the cloth around and pouncing at it, peeping into my plate of food to provide his approval, waiting desperately two feet away from the door and mewing just when I insert the key into the keyhole… is this exhaustive? No.

He taught me a lot of things. How this world is as much his as it is mine. How being an animal doesnt deter him from expressing what him wants and needs. How he straight away adopted me and let me be his mother after just one night of patience and care with him. How he could say sorry with no words. How he brought laughter and smile to my face every morning without fail. How we humans have forgotten empathy and taken to materialism as a religion… How unclean we are as compared to them… in mind and body.. how they live in the present and we have to go to classes and listen to tons of lectures before we can even begin to fathom what ‘living in the present means’.

Bye sweet one. I shall always cherish having had you these past few weeks and take it as a direct blessing from the forces of nature.

I have to learn so much from you yet!


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