Navarathri approaches. A nightmare for us green warriors!

Surge of plastic. Bowls. Boxes. Satchets. Ziplocks. Carry bags. 

In school, we were all taught consumerism. Was it just for the coming economics exam?  Acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts is consumerism.

Our minds and bodies seem to accelerate during october-november owing to navarathri and deepavali. Can we all pull the reins for a few seconds and just think back – of the supplies that we have just bought point out the items that are essentials for a household? 

The shundal- yes.

 The coconuts/fruits-yes.

Betel leaf – maybe

Betel nuts- no!

Packets of kumkum and manjal- no!

Return gift- maybe

Carrybag- no!!

If you argue that some of these can be used, ask yourself once more- are you using it because you need it? Or because it is just there?

We are all adding to landfils. If we arent agents of evolved thoughts our next generation is just going to suffer worse that us – maybe with no pure air to breathe and no clean water to drink. 

This time I am going to be an agent of change. I shall wear a green badge and carry my bag and a big box for shundals. Doesnt matter if they get mixed up! I shall respectfully decline anything in the bag that is unnecessary.

Are you with me in this pledge?


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