Two hours of fun – music and dance and all
I came back home and googled ‘Yatagarasu’ and the results just added to the impact of the play.I have never written a review of a play before, but for my own records I wanted to pen this one down because it was very different from the ones I have seen before.

‘There is a you inside you’ who is the only barrier between you and who you can be . There is a you inside you who wants to soar high upon the blue sky. This is a rather strong message.

The story revolves around a bunch of school kids – all having their own difficulties in coping with stress that our education system thrusts on them. The drab uninteresting ways of teaching and the clichéd remarks from teachers were more than satisfying to all the wounded souls in the audience who went through the rigmarole so to speak. There were continuous waves of laughter from the audiences, making sure those 90 minutes went past in a jiffy!

The tripartite scene where father and mother cook food together and the ‘chubby’ daughter became the cause of momentary bitterness because of her looks, the way societal pressure weighs on the mum emotionally and how the dad is torn between his duty as a father defined by the love of this life – his beloved wife – is one of those scenes that most of us could identify with. This was the scene I liked the most, followed by the one in which the mother visits the dietician.

The end was a little film-like, however, bidding farewell to a happy audience is always enjoyable. 

The stage was well embellished with simple flowing curtains soaring high, representing the spirit of the Japanese bird – Yatagarasu. Lighting was perfectly handled, creating the moods that were intended, and the background score rocked the floor! The performers were brilliant, although some improvisation in terms of audience interactions would have made it one notch higher. All through they maintained the high energy on stage. Timing was very well managed throughout too. When we heard occasional chuckles even from young children in the audience, it was evidence enough that they had performed well.  

I really missed taking my children to this play, I request you to let us know the next time you do a show in Chennai, so that I can take my children to see this fantastic performance.


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