Buddha, the artistic silhouette 

Of all the silhouettes, there are some that I cant take my mind off. Buddha tops that list after the mighty Nataraja. After him comes shore temple and the camel in a desert in Rajasthan.

This was an order from Bombay, I had a free hand to represent the buddha however I wanted. These are the orders that I live for.

I completely enjoyed the journey!

The relief is from the up-cycled tile stuck to the ply wood. I tried correcting a specific problem here. Painting on tile is very tricky as acrylic peels off its surface unless varnished and dried in the sun correctly.

I had an old cotton dupatta. I smeared fevicol on the tile and stuck the dupatta on the tile with a good stretch. The next day it had a canvas effect. Painting on this material was really exciting. I upcycled the cloth and the tile and that gave me the kick I needed!


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