Tree of life – kalpavruksha

I decribed it this way to a friend –

‘It is like having Benedict Cumberbatch in front of you and being tied to the wall two feet away from him’

Any chore that kept me from my painting felt unimportant.

It is a romance, between me and the painting taking shape, slowly growing into this glamourous body of work that has a magnatic power.

It is, literally, ’50 shades’ on my pallette. I have never, so far, felt so ‘possessed and consumed’.

It stole away almost 4-5 hrs everyday, from an unkept home, laundry and work to be with it; to hold the brush and gently stroke the board; to express the contours on the shy bird with the most beautiful almond shaped eyes and ornate feathers. The twirls of the trunk with branches reaching out to the sun, happy with dancing leaves. Flowers at the end of each twig swaying in the gentle breeze like a lady, shy but confident! The swans on either side of the trunk, mates for life, teasing each other with their colourful feathers and gilded bodies.

The journey was a rollercoaster! Thanks for the experience dearie! (This is for a friend who would rather not be revealed!)


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