TRE OFM Terracotta exhibition experience

I gathered during the show that it was organised to help sell the pots that Arasu, a fine arts graduate who specialised in pottery, had been trying to sell. 

Meeting him was one of the highligta of my experience at the show. He is one of the most humble  people I have ever met who is a true artist. His pottery is exquisite and so is his sculpting. 

The exhibition for me was a totally different experience from the previous ones. Here, the pot painting workshop for kids was the most attractive offer on my desk and not my already painted pots. Or so they were marketed to be, unfortunately. This was an experience that taught me yet again that my skill lies in the art and in the art alone and not in marketing.

Below are some pictures of a lot of happy people who took part. Although it was backbreaking, it was satisfying!


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