Mud and paints!

I saw a post on facebook about a terracotta exhibition and I commented saying – I wish I could paint all of this and more!

And Partha, the man behind the show, said ‘why not!’

That is how this crazy week began.

I got in touch with Mr Mahadevan, who works with potters to revive the art, all over the country. We plan to decorate and sell all the garden pots that got slightly defected during the floods. They make beautiful show pieces even if left bare. In my heart am happy. Happy that a few potters will benefit from this sale. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, if not a fat bank balance.

Saraswati Devi, I sincerely thank you for the silent oppurtunities you keep throwing at me.

I have been trying to get back to work but I wonder if painting is my calling even though it isn’t that lucrative. And most importantly, even if I have to keep a close watch on my back. Is it? My true calling? I wonder.


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