When ‘whites’ rule..

After I finished painting the walls of Malini and Satish’s farm in Thirukazhukundram I had a few bottles of white and red paint left over.

One morning I decided to take a break from working on orders and followed my heart to my stash of waste wood. Small oddly shaped ones peeked at me with beckoning smiles😁. (You might think am crazy but yes, I do have a mental dialogue with all my art materials and supplies. It makes my work lively).

I picked up all the small pieces and left them strewn on my desk. The white bottle almost just walked straight into my hands.

I painted three pieces white for the base for the first time in four years. Whites are something I usually stay away from when it comes to base paint. They would intimidate me. I used to feel like they would enhance my errors.

Once I painted them I looked around and saw my ohp marker. Thats another thing I dont use as I think its a lazy mans way out. I like to derive thin lines with a brush. However I was thinking differently now…

Look where that landed me…



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