Tile (Up-)cycling diaries

Harmony –

One of the tri-series (up-cycled tile mounted on up-cycled plywood).

I started with the temple, nestled amidst thick green mountains creating a natural habitat for all living beings.

After all, it is only the ‘larger than life’ effect that initiates man into faith.

The concept of a temple has always been – to bring together various forms of life, help, coexist and live in harmony.



Hues of orange and yellow blended into harmony as I worked on the next one in the tri-series.

Uniting the body mind and soul, with the concept of ‘marriage’… The bride and groom ride away to embark on the next phase of their lives.



The last of the tri series. Warli tribes get together to sing dance and play musical instruments every now and then as a ritual.

Why is it that the Warli swirl is so relaxing and appealing to the eyes? Why do we never get bored of seeing it?



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