The Mighty Dancer

My first attempt at a renewed interest in art started with a painting of Nataraja. This was when I was carrying my first child.

That was the period when I was reading up about Shiva and the more I read the more I fell in love with this magnificent character. He is the definition of an ideal man. Powerful with a heart that melts in a moment, clinical yet artistic, handsome yet rustic.

He is the man whose cosmic dance I would kill to see. And as a subject, although I take up with trepidation, a chill runs down my spine when I start the outlines. However there isn’t much of it after that I can remember to quote the experience of my journey. Is this what they call bliss? Nevertheless, this is the bliss that I know.

I got an order for a name board, to be presented as a birthday gift to a dear student of the famous South-Indian dancer couple – Dhananjayans. Warm morning colours and dance being the brief, there is just one thing that sprung up in my mind…




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