Pictorial Documentation of a process – First attempt!

This was how it started out. Tiles mounted on wooden panels – (both of which were up cycled).

sangu chakram 0

Step two: play with colours

sangu chakram 1

Step 3: Work of symmetry

sangu chakram 2

Step 4: Intricate decoration

sangu chakram 3

sangu chakram 4

Step 5: Looked promising at this stage:

sangu chakram 5

Step 6: Contemplation stage – to do a border or to write a verse. Finally decided on the verse – Gayathri mantra

sangu chakram 6

Step 7: The last step – finished it with a kolam. The most important decoration for a prayer place.sangu chakram 7 sangu chakram 8

Step 8: Smile at the finished product with satisfaction :()



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