Human Evolution penned on wood

Human Evolution
Human Evolution

(This is a 6mm ply wood board 4 ft by 4 ft, painted with acrylic colours)

Our dashavataram is the best story to explain evolution of mankind. I took ideas from there. I also kept in mind the most liked animals that are portrayed in indian folk art forms. I have included as many forms as I can.

The inner circle is the sun, the natural force that is life giving. Without the sun there couldn’t have been life at all. The sun is an imitation of the famously carved wheel in the konark sun temple in or is safe.

The next is water with small micro organisms and tiny plants and fish – the matsya avataram.

After that is the amphibians and reptiles, the turtles and snakes with creepers – these are all madhubani style.

Next is the creatures that took flight and here I decided to go with the beautiful kalamkari hamsa design.

After that I brought in some flora again, this time large flowers and large leaves.

The huge wild animals come next. The kalamkari elephants and deer with antlers from gond renditions.

Last tier ofcourse has the human race rendered in saura art – a different style just like the warli stick figures.

The four corners are filled with the beautiful mystical mythical creatures the makaras. I have been having a fascination for these makara toranas for the last year and I finally decided to use them here as it was apt for my composition.

This has been on of my favourite works in the last few months. I thank mama and mami for waiting for  so long patiently for me to finish it.


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