Back with a fit back

I am glad to say that I am healing very well. Most of all  this bout of low got me thinking on various levels, on existance itself, on my relationships, on love, requirements of mind and body, and so on. I have realised the value of my place as a mother, a wife and a daughter. Striving for peace of mind is not just what I want, I want to create positive energies around me. I believe I am today in a place physically and mentaly capable of realising the potential of my mind and I have told myself I am going to work at it.

Does it help my art?

It does. Happy me, happy my art.

These are the  new ones I made. My brief was, earthy colours, animals and nature only, no sun andno people, paintings on wood, that can be arranged in a random fashion, around a3 size each on waste

imageAs I started work, I realised that the colour schemes were happily talking to me.
This project took me nearly a month to wrap up considering kids summer vacations and stuff 🙂

Most often people ask me this question – do you plan and draw out your composition before you paint on your final material?
The answer is no!

For me its a step by step process of what my moods and feelings tell me. The backgound colours and on my mind after the breifing, but how those colours span out really depend on the state of mind that I am in at that point of time with my brush. I always have the composition inmind and I sketch it roughly on my wood and begin my work. I work largely on inspiration at that moment.

Until next time…


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