‘Reduction of waste’ concept got me to customize my kids’ chess-boards

The story of the chess boards is a bit weird. I worked backwards on this one.

My boys – 6 and 4 now – are crazy about chess. I got them one board with pieces which they were loosing a lot because of rivalry and random fights. Guys! huh! I was tired.

I found a guy who could give me a few sets of chess pieces that were export rejects for dirt cheap rates because I didn’t want to buy the whole set again – waste of money and material. When I got the pieces it was an anti-climax! The pieces were bigger that the board could take!

I then tried to get just boards that could fit the coins for the two boys. Yes – I wasn’t successful this time.

My boys said – “Amma, why don’t you just make me one, paint it on something.” I was silly enough not to think of that before. I decided I will make a special customized one for each. I had an off white curtain back cloth, some red material left over and the torn bed-sheet that I had used for up-cycling some other stuff.

I drew the lines for my tailor and got her to stitch it like this. (see pics below) I also painted them with two different shades- dark green and turquoise blue, so they will have each a different colour. They now have special new-year gift!

This can be folded and carried in a small bag with the pieces, so there is no hassle of space in their bagpacks. Hopefully this will withstand their abuse. lol!

Now they are happy! yey!

Hand-made chess board

hand-made chess board


4 thoughts on “‘Reduction of waste’ concept got me to customize my kids’ chess-boards

    1. Thanks a lot.
      Nevertheless, it gave me immense pleasure for two reasons, one obviously that its use of waste material, two, that I could create yet another thing for my kids. 🙂 🙂

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