Up-cycling wasted ceramic tiles

I always felt like left over tiles could be made use of instead of being destroyed. I also always wished I had a carpenter who would work with me and customize things for me the way I wanted them.

Slowly falling in place is all I will say. Hand-painting tiles is something I learnt from a cousin of mine when I was about ten years old.

15 years later when I had my own house and a few tiles lying from construction, I bought myself ceramic paints. That is when my experimentation with ceramic tiles started. I have been painting and trying crafts on tiles ever since.

A friend of mine in Secunderabad was surprisingly just like me! She had saved up a lot of tiles of various colours that were remaining from her kitchen and floor and she showed them to me. She is also crazy about hand painted Indian folk art.

We put our minds together and somewhat finalized the strategy to embellish the tiles and make them functional. First, she got the carpenter to fix them up on pieces of ply. Then I began my work. (Unfortunately, halfway I landed up with the slip disc and yes I have been unable to accept it yet.)

Grantha script
Grantha script



Two were going to be a part of my script series. My script series basically dwells on Brahmi and Grantha and various kinds of these two. All these are original inscriptions from Ashoka, Pallava and Chola periods. I believe that we should be able to appreciate the art of calligraphy and the beauty of how our languages were born.

bramhi script, Ashoka's original inscriptions
bramhi script, Ashoka’s original inscriptions













Three tiles were of different colours and one had a bump for a design. Fortunately, they were of somewhat same size. I was not happy with the bump. It basically divided the tile into two equal parts, but we had to work around it.  My brief for them was ‘circle of life’ in Warli art with the terracotta and white finish. I decided to divide all the three tiles with colours the same way. Indian red and dark brown. This is how my hand-painted tiles with Warli art turned out to be my friends garden mural. Can you notice the bump?garden mural - hand painted tiles






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