Name board with tiles

This was one of my favorite projects and it was a back breaking job – it took me 25 hours to complete!

The brief – names – Zainab and Adil, use Urdu font in English, mix Indian folk-art and middle-eastern mosaic art. Use two waste tiles and ply wood and kundan stones for some bling.

Middle-eastern designs are mind-blowing. They are mosaic based and extremely symmetrical.

I got the carpenter to come and fix the two tiles on a plank of ply wood with two inches on all sides. I awoke next morning to find that the guy has fixed it with a slant of atleast 5mm! So the mosaic concept was going to be a challenge. I had to go with a slant design and run it parallel throughout the sides.

I first worked on the font for the names. It was pretty easy. Then I got on to the sides. It was a serious challenge after a long time. Hand painted tilesExhilarating to finish, even though I worked my way around some mistakes that I made. First time – forgiven! Now I was a bit confident.hand painted tiles I ventured on a geometric flower pattern which is typical of middle eastern architecture. This time I mastered the design on paper and I traced it on the tile. For the first time in my life I used a tracing paper – mixed feelings there!

The Indian touch was the pretty peacock in the middle. I filled it with folk-artsy designs.

Yes, now I was in love with the turn out:


hand-painted tileshand-painted tileshand-painted tiles







hand-painted tiles


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