What a ‘break’ means to me

Yes, like any other mother and home maker I feel like  having a break every now and then. But, this one came as a surprise.

This is day four of my ‘break’ so to speak. On 17th of this month I felt a catch in my back in the morning. I didn’t give it much thought because my back being messed up had become an ongoing issue that I loved to ignore; I knew the cause of it – I hadn’t swam or stretched for 8 months straight. It was bad news anyway.

Just before I packed the dabbas I had an uneasy feeling down my right leg. I tried to stretch it while I took a warm bath in the cold winter morning, thinking the hot water will release the tension. For the first time, that didn’t work. My body was refusing to cope. Even then I didn’t realise that it was going to wage a full-fledged war!

When it was time to drop the kids I had started to drag my leg, the radiating pain was only getting worse. I tried volini- a pain relieving cream and hoped it would work by the time I got back. My neighbour was convinced it was bad news. He drove me to the kids’ schools. Yes, my husband wasn’t in town.

Pain was shooting up. Painkiller pills didn’t work. I rushed to the emergency with a friend of mine. After a whole day I figured it is a slip disc.

I consoled myself initially that maybe I needed the bed rest for all the running about. It has been day four and I am BORED and restless! What makes it worst is that I am not allowed to paint. Nothing else bothers me so much. Have I become obsessed with my new venture? I feel like tearing myself apart at times. I don’t mind not being involved in the house, in food for kids or in their school activities or in the kitchen, but I cannot digest not being able to paint! Can anyone relate to me and help? Is it a sign of workaholism that I don’t know how to rest and sleep for ten whole days?


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