Christmas 2013′ – My lucky charm

My Christmas ornaments suddenly became extremely popular among my expat friends in Hitech city. One fine morning a few bulk orders landed on my table as I awoke with my cuppa. And then there was no looking back. Connie, one of my clients is expecting a baby girl in a few months after having two little boys. She wanted five small hand painted chimes to symbolize each of them hanging in her house in the US where she was headed shortly after her delivery. She wanted two blue ones for her boys and one pink for her princess and the other two of any vibrant colours. So I got on my job. I was excited about this one because she wanted a few pieces to be souvenirs back home, that reminded her of her eventful stay in India. What more can be inspiring for me after all, this is one of the reasons for Maya’s existence! She got to have something very unique very Indian folk artsy and something handmade customized to her requirement. The thing with my hand-painted chimes are that they are washable, the colours don’t fade or bleed under running water. So, as long as they are kept without breaking, they will be bright and cheerful as ever.

handpainted windchimes (5) handpainted windchimes (20) handpainted windchimes (15) hand-painted wind chimes (3)handpainted windchimes (14) handpainted windchimes (4)

After her order I got two more orders for chimes back to back. Sara, another expat friend, wanted two small ones for Christmas and Anuradha, a desi friend, wanted one for her spacious balcony in her new house where construction is yet to be complete. For Anu, the small ones wouldn’t have made sense. So, I picked one of the Chittoor terracotta chimes, they have huge domes and heavy bells. The wont break easily and the sound of these chimes are very subtle and melodious.

handpainted windchimes (2) hand-painted wind chimes (5) DSC_1655 DSC_1657 DSC_1656


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