Art of teaching

I am in Hyderabad.

Teaching is an art. I learnt about this very late in life but I am married to an amazing teacher. I never considered myself to be associated with teaching ever.

After so long I decided to embark on this unknown territory persuaded by a great friend of mine, Varsha Ramesh. Yes, it’s the same lady who owns Books n More ( in Secunderabad.

She convinced me that I would be able to teach and I started with a six-week workshop in Madhubani painting. (

I created three templates upon her recommendation as easy, medium and hard for children to do. The age group defined was 10+.

This is most definitely one of the greatest projects that I ever worked on. My templates were these.

madhubani class template

Clearly I was petrified in the first class. There were five kids to start with. I started of explaining a little about Madhubani art and how it originated in Mithila and so on. Then gave them all photocopies of my master so they could choose one and trace them on their A3 size hand made papers. By the time I got on to the second week I had eight students and now I am on my fifth week with ten of them. The age group is mixed, so I now have four ten-year-olds and the others are much older.

madhubani class


I must say after every class I feel exhilarated. The interactions, the easy environment, the colours and fun conversations between us is something I will never forget. Almost all of them learnt the technique quite well. Teaching them nuances of ‘000’ brushes and behaviour of paints over rough, smooth and dry surfaces was not all that difficult. They are really fast learners.


These are my finished works.

class for kids
class for kids

I am already sad that I just have two more classes left for interacting with these amazing people.

Enjoying while it lasts!





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