Bramhi Script painted on saree

Ever since I indulged in the script series I haven’t been satisfied at exploring its versatility of its artistic value at all. When my friends mum said she wouldn’t mind having a saree with Brahmi inscriptions on it I couldn’t have been happier.

My brief was this – Brahmi script with Madhubani motifs.

I got her Uppada cotton saree back home, washed and ironed it to start my pencil drawing before I could begin painting. I had a breadth of 3 inches and a plain 7 inch border in rust colour. I decided the there would be motif in every 20 inches of script that would be divided in 3 lines of 1 inch. I picked Buddha’s teachings for the brahmi inscriptions. Somehow, that seemed very appropriate.

So the whole saree covers the following topics-

1. Titles of Budha

2. Five Precepts – Pancha silani

3. Dhammapada-yamakavagga

4. Three Refuges

5. Noble Eight-fold Path

6. Four Noble Truths

7. Hommage to Budha – Buddhabhivadana

8. Ya Dhamma – The Verse of Causation

I felt a strange sense of peace when I finished this. Perhaps, it is just psychological.

Then I started working on the madhubani motifs. Although my intention was to  repeat motifs of a few animals/birds, as I went on I increasingly felt repetition was not inspiring. So I ended up making all motifs different.

When it was time for the palloo, the adrenalin rush was overwhelming. I had to work with fabric that was filled with thin lines of light and dark colours. The swan, the flowers, the elephants and roosters finally came about. The flow seemed right. After 16 hours of work, I finished the project.

Four days of drying, reverse ironing and then washing again, followed by a final ironing lead to this : ImageImage


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