Crazy camouflaging

This is entirely the result of an unsuccessful attempt at decoupage. More like I wasn’t inspired enough by the whole idea of decoupage.

My husband has started traveling a bit and so I have collected a few tin boxes that you get in domestic flights in India – masala cashews. It is called a nut case box. (Photo courtesy –

nut case box

It is not something that can be used to carry food really but you can carry things like biscuits or dry fruits that are dry. After that phase it can move on the phase where we put in trinkets like small earrings, beads, buttons, needle sponges, anchor threads, motifs, glittery decorations, ribbons from gift boxes, stickers…

We all have that messy inventory corner with small things that we stash away to open once a year or even once in 6 years! I wanted to use these boxes for those things. But they looked rather drab and they all had the same colours which meant that I would have to open all boxes to find one thing.

I saw you tube videos on decoupage and tried in on two boxes. Decoupage might be an art, but I wanted the details to be very intricate, depending on my mood of the day.

Out came my acrylic paints and off I went on the journey of painting. I tried some cartoons and some traditional motifs. I was pretty happy with the result. After a day’s drying I applied clear varnish to seal the paint. The result is below. Try this guys. Don’t throw away those tin boxes. Get inspired!

upcycled nut case boxes made of tin

4 thoughts on “Crazy camouflaging

  1. I liked the minions and the design in the top right.. So pleasing. If I had this in my house, I may use this daily and not once in six years.. You could have increased the image size a bit :-). But then Kudos for your pleasing art.

    P.S. Mom liked the bird design in the top second photo. We are arguing over which is best 😛

  2. It turned out so well. I have same tin boxes, courtesy my husband travels in Indigo. I have collected about 5-6 boxes someday thinking I will paint them. Your paintings inspire me…

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