The Little Indian elephants march away in colours


In an exhibition sometime back I found these beautifully cut pieces of soft wood. I picked them up and stashed them in my art bunker which contains all kinds of old and new scraps.

Yesterday I picked them out and along with them fell out my messy tupperware needle box. I had an idea which was actually borrowed. When I went to judge a drawing competition in the local zoo, teenagers had come up with some brilliant techniques. The theme was – asian elephant . Amongst those entries was one which I will never forget. It was an outline of an elephant, a cartoon with fat body and short stubby legs filled with pop art inside it in various shapes and colours. Only one child thought out of the box and I fought for her case. She got a consellation prize that day.

I incorporated her idea and implemented it in the Indian folk art format. I used acrylic paints and left over gold threads and upcycled some old colourful beads for the hanging. for little bells below, I used some old trinkets I had along with some more beads.

I like the result. I would love to hear your feed back and recommendations too.


desi stuff
desi stuff

7 thoughts on “The Little Indian elephants march away in colours

  1. These are exquisite! I love the intricate patterns adorning the elephants. I’d seen something similar with fish shapes and the fish looked like they were jumping for fruit on the tree. You have an elephant procession here to rival Mysore’s Dussera celebration :)- Rajani Surendar Bhat

    1. Thankyou so very much. I am so inspired to make more. I will look for fish shapes or see if I can get wood cut in those shapes. Thanks again Rajani. Mysore Dussera celebration bit is really a complement. 🙂

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