Terracotta from Western India was inspiring alright!

Maharashtra is surprisingly (to me) one of those places where the potter’s wheel churns out one of the most beautifully finished pots and decorative pieces. Unlike in Tamil Nadu, Andhra or Karnataka where the finished piece of terracotta is of the typical rusty-red and porous finish, the terracotta art pieces that comes from districts like Nagpur, Daimabad, Ahmednagar, are of lighter finish and of much smoother texture. And yes, the fact that it was hand-made and yet finished in a rather sophisticated manner is something that will remain in my memory forever.

I found out about this after I visited the most luring exhibition of Hyderabad – DWCRA. The lady who put up the stall is an extremely sweet, artistic, introverted Maharashtrian who also happens to know to paint the items in her stall. I was happy to talk to her and of course I went berserk buying things there. I actually imagewish she also had cooking pots too.

Some of the stuff that I picked up there were so inspiring… well, what can I say? Maharashtra, terracotta, Warli, acrylic paints…

The images following are what those pots turned out to be. What’s amazing is the fact the simplest plainest stuff can be turn into show stoppers when we put in some thought and concept into them right? The key is to use a thin brush and not to use water at all. try them on your pots at home. Make sure your lines are well-defined, thin and not shaky. Also I recommend a thin liner-brush. You can use a pencil to pre draw with or without tracing too if you would like, but I usually don’t.

hand-painted terracotta (13) hand-painted terracotta (10) hand-painted terracotta (7) hand-painted terracotta (5) hand-painted terracotta (3)

No sealant is required if you want a matt finish, if you want to gloss it up you can always brush up some clear varnish on the pots after a day of drying. Try it guys! Happy DIYing… 🙂


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