Temptation of terracotta continues…..

I went to the craft fair in Hyderabad called DWCRA. Am sure you wont be surprised if I said I had to plan another trip after my first trip which lasted nearly four hours!! Yes, after all I had to do justice to something as good as that. The kalamkari works, ikkat weaves of orissa, leather painting, patiala juttis, bidri art of embedding silver on black metal, 5 metal jewelry from Madhyapradesh, bengal cotton sarees, pochampalli, narayanpet, gadwal, uppada and other endless varieties of Andhra cotton sarees, bead work from Gujrat and Assam, Kashmiri embroidery kurtas, block printed cotton materials, lakh bangles from Rajasthan, Patachitra and warli art.. the list is really endless. Feast to the eyes – that is what it was.

And in the end came the terracotta from Chittoor and Maharashtra. Maharashtra had to miniatures and Chittoor had the sturdy big vases,  cooking pots and windchimes. I was mad with joy and went berserk blowing money there.

The best thing about DWCRA is that you get to interact with the actual craftsmen and artisans. You can interact with them to find out how various things are made.

I have finished painting some miniatures of which photographs follow. I will eventually put up pics of the painted windchimes too.

hand-painted terracotta (1) hand-painted terracotta (17)


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