Ceramic mugs! Did I just leave those out?

Haha.. You must be wondering about my level of freaky craziness… aahhh

I had a couple of Lifestyle Home Center mugs at home and my last set of ceramic paints*. That’s how it started. I tried a red moustache on a black mug and a sign that said in yellow ‘handsome devil’ with two horns and a thin moustache on a brown mug.

Sarang, my younger son held the latter and pretended to drink from it. He looked so apt to own that one that I grabbed my cammy and clicked immediately. Then I gave him the other one and asked him to pose this time. It was adorably funny!

Imagine the feeling of being able to tease someone by gifting them a mug that has a witty message on it. Cheeky rt?

An investment banking company had its ‘Joy of Giving’ week coming up and they called me to place an order because I was heavily into up-cycling and hand-made stuff. I sent them photos of small things that I could make to fit their budget. The last thing I thought would appeal to them was the mugs, but it did (! yey!)  and they gave me an order for 20 mugs.

I had a set of themes to work on and yes, it had to be cheeky alright! I was so excited by the prospect of it. Below I shall attach a collage of all the twenty. Have a look. Also, I am really jealous of those who have access to stuff like Pebeo paints, because we don’t get ceramic paints here any more. I ended up buying my first set of ceramic paints to work on a tile up-cycling project by the way.

mugs with messages
hand painted coffee mugs

Now, ceramic mug painting can be a little tricky because the surface is extremely smooth and ceramic paints are a wee bit less viscous that acrylic which is my forte really. So I couldn’t take the risk of painting directly until I had a hang of it. I used a glass marking pencil to hand draw my image and them ran my paint over it with a brush. Again with lighter colours I had to make sure I ran the border a millimetre away from the pencil mark because the pencil’s colour will mix up with the paint colour and mess up the composition. After 24 hours of drying I erased the pencil mark. Once I got the hang of it, I could pull off caricatures without having to draw them with a pencil though.

*(Yes, Pidilite has stopped making water based ceramic colours.. sob sob 😦 )

Some more Photos are below. For details please check photo albums on my online studio on facebook – Maya – Craving to Create

hand-painted mug hand-painted mug3 hand-painted mug4 handpainted mug5 hand-painted mug6 hand-painted mug7


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