Up-cycling paper, saving trees

This is how I started Maya.

I always have a collectible corner in my house, no matter what space constraints meant. That corner always had trashed designs in cloth, torn sari pallus, broken beads from jewellery, leftover anchor threads from school days SUPWs (lol!), small trinkets bought from various cities I visited and stuff.

During my wedding, there was a splurge of creatively made wedding invitations. Heavy usage of handmade paper and beautiful motifs, attaches and stuff were made. Yes, I was in the capital of wedding cards – Delhi – at that time. The cards that my in-laws made for their side also came from Delhi although they were Chennai based. We had printed three kinds of cards and I had about five or six left of each, but my husbands cards were lying in the attic rotting. I dug them out after a couple of years of my wedding. They were a beautiful wine colour while mine were the usual maroon and off-white. I simply didn’t have the heart to throw them away to the raddi walla. 

When I happened to visit my parents once I noticed that my dad was busy cutting and gluing something. Lest I forget to add, if ever someone was to blame for my craziness with art it has to be my parents :rolleyes:;). He had all these old invites he had got in a huge pile and he said “I have to go to this wedding today and I have to gift them some money, I really don’t feel like stepping out in this heat, so I am going to have to make do with creating an envelope with these…” Brilliance. The bulb in my head began to glow! I sat with him and helped him make it so unique that when they receive it, they will take a second look at how the envelope was made.

I went back home and dug out all of my left over cards as well as my husbands and locked myself in my messy workstation, next to the ignored collectible corner. Turned out I made one out of every card. Have a look at some pictures below and try it yourself if you would like.

All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, some beads or glitter or any small shiny trinket and a little creativity. Watch out for words to get folded on the inside so that it doesn’t show. Remember, you don’t have to fold them perfectly like you see in new envelopes that you buy. Handmade paper is thick, so folding and glueing is a little bit challenging by hand. You can simply glue the corners of the envelope without folding. Just see that you leave enough space for the glue so that the currency doesn’t fold when it is inserted. Also, try and make different sizes of envelopes for different currency notes.

I hope this is inspiring for you. The point is that waste is not necessarily a waste. 😎

Until my next story of musings…Image, envImage


6 thoughts on “Up-cycling paper, saving trees

  1. Excellent. That’s a very good use for left-over invitation cards. The invitation cards that I have are printed on all sides! Not sure if/how I can use it? Let me try to think creatively 🙂

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