Upcycling at its best

Up until now, at Maya, this has been my best and most loved up-cycling effort (hence that header). I would like to list out the materials I already had..


black and white cotton bedsheet printed with blocks, torn in places by pet cats

A stiff old jute carry bag, stained over the years, washed and ready

left over black casement cloth from another project

beads left over from neck pieces I got made for my son two years back for his gypsy dance performance at school

some paints and brushes ofcourse

So, to put all this together I have this awesome tailor lady who I like to help now and then, because she is struggling to make ends meet, but is very good with arty sewing.

I asked her to make small squares with black casement in the center with bedsheet border and the jute on the back for stiffness. She made about 15 pieces for me. She had to subject to hand stitch because it was pretty thick to go through her sewing machine.

I strung them one to another with twine and some of those colourful beads and made small warli motifs with spartking white on the black casement side of it. Now it hangs as a dangler in my porshe! See for yourself.. đŸ™‚

Doorway Danglers
Doorway Danglers
Up-cycled danglers
Up-cycled danglers
Up-cycled danglers
Up-cycled danglers
Up-cycled danglers
Up-cycled danglers

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