You did have a look at my first project on pebbles right? Now, I did get a little more greedy to make something new. Name boards. A friend of mine had been asking me for a hand-made name board for quite some time. I believe things always happen for a reason. I know now why I had been shelving that project. I now felt like the time had come.

hand painted caricature name boards

hand painted name boards with caricatures/cartoons suiting inhabitants of that house

Of course I upcycled a piece of wood again, but this time it was challenging. After painting the name on it I realised it was getting smudged by the slightest abrasion. This was because this piece of wood had a laminate sheet stuck on it. Oops! I panicked at first obviously. I needed some kind of a sealant. My carpenter said that a resin spray might dilute the paint and remove or smudge it completely.

A bottle of synthetic resin Fevicol looked at me sheepishly from atop my work station. I took a thick brush and tried applying it on one end of my board. Voilà! It worked. So I followed the same method for two of my boards. Now the paint is sealed and the name board also has a quaint, rustic wood feel along with the pebbles giving it a very earthy, eco-friendly look.

I made one and then I got orders for two more almost immediately! I was thrilled!