Pebbels – Mother earth inspires

Pebbles are one of the small wonders around us that we see but do not pay attention to. Give one look at them, their odd shapes smooth edges and perfect curves are almost unbelievable. each one of those probably took years and years of erosion to turn out so beautiful. Painting pebbles is an inspiration I drew from another artist in Europe. She makes panels with pebbles stuck to rusty and uneven pieces of wood making them look very radical to our eyes.

I first tried painting a pebble as a paper weight. I wanted to experiment with permanence of acrylic colours on this new surface. Turned out perfect!

Warli paper weight

Warli paper weight
Warli art pebble
Warli Pebble

Above photo is with flash. Two on either side are manually clicked.

After a lot of pondering and research on how to stick pebble to a ply wood, I figured trial and error is the only thing that can work. With the idea of creating a name board with pebbles stuck to them for the art perspective I decided to try sticking pebbles to ply. I used Fevicol SR. Surprisingly it worked out pretty well. Only I kept on going with the pebbles and scraped the name board idea this time.

Final turnout of it was this: pebble painting (2)
pebble painting (4) pebble painting (1)

pebble art
Pebble art

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