Why my kids are lucky!

harappan seal folk art tee shirts batman tees childrens tees harappa seal folk art tee shirts folk art tee shirts (5) folk art tee shirts (4)folk art tee shirts (2)

Once I bought them plain tees and asked them what their favourite designs on tees would be. It was a gift for their birthdays (which are just days apart). That was the Cars craze period. Lightning McQueen and Mater it was. So I hand painted it for them. First time, I made some mistakes but they were ecstatic. They wanted more and I made more. Angry birds, batmans, supermans, spridermans, hulks, Thomas – the tank engines…. so many of them. Their friends wanted the same for their birthdays and slowly their parents started placing orders. This way until now I have made at least 45 tee shirts, large and small size. I also then extended designs to incorporate Indian folk art for older people, foreigners and others who appreciate it. For one, it is much cheaper than market price for the same kind of tees. Second point happened to be that colours don’t fade and can be ironed upon and machine washed as many times as you would like to.

I wash the tee shirts, iron them, hand paint them, dry them for 72 hours, reverse iron them and then wash them, iron them again and its done! Ready to wear!


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