Madhubani Paintings – My take

madhubani turtle and fish

Madhubani has been spoken and written about in length, so I wouldn’t want to dwell in that area. How I look at it is, that it is something equivalent to the Kolam(moggu,rangoli) concept of south India. Walls were adorned with these designs with fine lines during festivities and functions like marriages, house-warming ceremonies, baby showers and stuff. Originally, pictures of turtles and fish were the most commonly drawn, belief being it will spread happiness and pro-creation (keep fertility alive) in that house. Good omens were to ward off evil spirits.

Hands and twigs were used with natural dyes depicting geometrical patterns on floors and walls mostly by women of the Mithila region of India.

When I read about this and the fact that depictions of mythological characters were a contemporary draw out of the original concept, I felt compelled to make a turtle and fish. My painting is rendered on black fabric using brush and acrylic paints.


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