Inspiration Drives

My hands start itching, my feet start to drum rhythmically, my mind starts to run through a gallery of imaginary pictures and I become temporarily deaf. These are moments that I have encountered when I am inspired by something. I make it pretty hard for my family during those moments, because I don’t respond to worldly issues the way I usually do.

When carpentry was happening at my in-law’s place, my father-in-law kept aside this huge piece of plywood (4 by 4 ft) and stuck it up on the wall for me to make my mark on. I was ecstatic when I saw this handsome piece of painted ply wood on the wall. the piece screamed “Warli” to me.

The result of this was one week of incessant painting. I dug out 9 pieces of 1-sq-foot tiles and prepared them to upcycle them into arty pieces. I finally spun the Warli story together!Image


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