Painting on wood – Gallery

I now know that there are no boundaries to hand painting on wood. I have made close of hundred paintings most of which I sold. In the gallery below are some of my favourites. I made them into panels, doorway danglers, key holders, and nothing stops me from continuing this even today. These things make a very memorable gifts for house-warming functions and stuff.

Hand Painted Tea Coasters
Hand Painted Tea Coasters

wood art wood painting 1 wood painting 3 wood painting


4 thoughts on “Painting on wood – Gallery

  1. Thiruvalluvar’s kural – “eendra pozhudhir peridhuvakkum than maganai saandron yenakketta thaai” only talks about a mom being proud of her son, probably sexist and discriminatory but excusable in view of the time when it was written. Here is my new kural – “pirandha pozhudhir peridhuvakkum than marumagalai badaa killaadi yenakkandukkina miamama”

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