Tryst with Terracotta – The story

embellishing one of India's pride - art of pottery
embellishing one of India’s pride – art of pottery

Driving home after picking the kids up from school, my eyes fell on this quaint, small man hiding amidst the rust-coloured curtain-like effect of clay pots in an unobtrusive shack.  The rustic texture, earthy colour and Indian feel of terracotta lured me. I went closer and had a friendly tête-a-tête with him. The variety of items he had on display was exhaustive. The creative part of my mind was obviously jumping with joy. Rushing images of my messy desk, brushes, acrylic paints and Warli art motifs came to my mind. I randomly picked up lots of pieces from him and took them back home. Turns out he was a potter himself. I was elated.

What you see in the gallery is what turned out in my studio after a week’s work.


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