Yoga – A holy union of two- the yin and the yang, completely different from each other, yet fit perfectly to form the whole. Space between them, the akaasha, creates the magnetism. Agni ignites at their touch. Eyes comprehend a Maya, the mirage where everything around them becomes theirs and only theirs. Although their feet … More Samyogam

Paati – for me

Apart from all the projections I had developed about her over a long period of time, due to emotional games my mind played, I remember her being a perfect example of the perfect, respectable Tamil brahmin lady. Large red vermillion circle in the middle of her forehead and another, parting her jet-black, neatly-combed, hair ornate … More Paati – for me

What am I

Some one blew air into me, bubble I became, The bubble assumed size, building walls with presumptions, inhibitions, fears, and convictions…. Now, optimised it stands, wobbling and restless, The walls show me a reflection, but I want more, I take a long walk to touch the walls, And the outside responds with rhythmic ripples Ripples … More What am I

Soma to Mayura

An old canvas lay dusty and brown on my desk, half done with a grey crescent, painted ages ago, never stirred inspiration enough to finish, caught my eye a few days ago. Blues and purples and pinks splashed in my mind and the coolness of the moon somehow sent a sense of peace down my … More Soma to Mayura